Choosing the Right Type of Commercial Roofing in Thousand Oaks

Brick and mortar business owners know the importance of keeping their building in good standing. A building with serious or obvious issues is a clear deterrent to potential clients, not to mention a hazard for the integrity of the business itself and its employees. One of the most crucial aspects of a commercial building to keep in good standing is quite obviously the roof—a roof that’s compromised in any way presents a world of trouble that’s not easily fixed if and when something finally goes wrong.

Because of its immense importance in light of so many factors, commercial building owners are quick to act on roofing repairs and maintenance, but when it comes to replacing a roof, the decision to do so isn’t one that’s often made with haste. It pays to evaluate your options before investing in a brand new roof and examining the different types of roofing can go a long way towards investing money back into your business itself. Here are a couple of the most common, efficient and cost-effective options for commercial roofing in Thousand Oaks:

Spray foam: This up and coming roofing style is one that’s garnering a lot of attention thanks to its low maintenance costs and high protection rating. Spray foam roofs are superb at keeping the elements at bay and when it comes to installing or repairing these roofs, the process is as painless as it can be. Spray foam roofing is also considered a “green” roofing method, meaning that it’s environmentally friendly and highly efficient when it comes to containing business costs. On top of all of that, spray foam, when installed by a certified professional, serves to eliminate many of the issues that can plague commercial roofing in Thousand Oaks, such as water pooling and drainage issues.

Flat top roofing: Flat roofing is the most common choice for commercial buildings seeking a new roof because most commercial buildings already sport a flat top. Generally, these roofs are asphalt, however in recent years, the push for more sustainable materials is being made, largely through materials like slate. While a slate flat roof is supremely expensive, its protection is unmatched and can actually add value and appeal to the building itself. Rain troubles won’t plague you any longer with a slate roof in place, especially if you’re consulting a professional who can alleviate the drainage issues that come with flat roofs!

Low slope roofing: If your building has a flat roof currently and it’s posing a problem in one way or another, you may consider a new low slope roof to replace it. Low slope roofs are great for dealing with excessive rainfall and can be a premier solution to issues caused by improper drainage on a previous roof. Low slope roofs direct water away from the surface of a commercial roof, eliminating pooling and water buildups over certain areas.

Remember, these are just three types of commercial roofing options—there are far more available to you as a commercial building owner! Consulting with a professional at Conejo Valley Roofing will open your eyes to the possibilities out there and help ensure that you get a roof that’s installed correctly—one that will stand the tests of time and nature.

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