Options for Re-Roofing in Thousand Oaks, CA

If your roof is showing signs of wear or worse, has begun to cause you real trouble due to intensifying problems, it could be time to think about re-roofing in Thousand Oaks, CA. Your roof will generally last you between 15-20 years depending on the materials, however if you’ve never had the roof serviced on your home or are the new resident in a home featuring an aging roof, it’s a good idea to think about investing in this crucial home component.

Deciding the right course of action when it comes to re-roofing in Thousand Oaks, CA comes down to two options: ripping everything off and starting fresh or re-covering your roof with new materials.

A fresh start

The first and more intense re-roofing option is to install a brand new roofing system only after your existing roof has been completely removed and its materials disposed of. There are many reasons to consider this roofing option—namely because it marks a completely fresh start to the roof that will shield your home for the next two decades. Another benefit to a complete re-roofing is the ability for a contractor to spot underlying problems that may only be visible once your shingles and other materials are torn up.

With all of the great benefits of a fresh, full re-roofing, who wouldn’t choose this option? Well, for starters, complete re-roofing tends to be pricier than alternative options—simply because it takes more manpower and hours and many times carries disposal fees for the old materials being discarded. The length of a job will also be extended during a full re-roofing, which can leave many homeowners uneasy during the rainy spring and early summer seasons.

A quick covering

Alternate to a complete rip up and start fresh job, a re-covering project is one that many homeowners choose when considering re-roofing in Thousand Oaks, CA. A re-covering is simply the addition of a brand new roofing system that overlays your existing roof. The new top layer acts in the same way that a new roof would, however your old roofing materials are still in place underneath. The benefits of this re-roofing style revolve around quicker completion times and less of an expense.

There’s a big drawback to re-covering your roof, however—it can generally only be done once, according to specific building codes. This means that if the previous owner of your home opted for a re-cover or you yourself have had one done, a second re-cover isn’t going to be an option for you. Too many layers on a roof can compromise the integrity of the structure, leading to strain on the infrastructure and possible caving.

Pick the right option

Which re-roofing option is right for you? It’s best to consider your budget before selecting one or the other, as well as the condition of your roof. If you can afford it and your roof is showing signs of serious wear, a complete overhaul is your best option. If you’re short on funds but still need a new roof and your home is eligible for a re-cover, it’s never a bad option!

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