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Six Upgrades for Residential Roofing in Thousand Oaks, CA

This is a good time of the year for roofing repairs or replacement. You can also take this opportunity to add new features as part of your residential roofing project. Here are six additions to consider when investing in new or restored residential roofing in Thousand Oaks, CA: Gutter protection: If you hate cleaning gutters, […]

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Simple Roof Maintenance in Agoura Hills, CA will Prevent Costly Leaks

Once again the rainy season is upon us and during this short stretch of months, even sunny California can become home to some pretty violent storms. For homeowners in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Simi Valley, Camarillo and Malibu, storm season can do more than just ruin your plans for a day at the beach—it can […]

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When to Consider New Residential Roofing in Thousand Oaks

The need for a new residential roof is a funny situation to be in—on one hand, no homeowner likes to spend that amount of money on something all at one, but on the other hand, having a new roof over your head is one of the best feelings around. This situation may not come around […]

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