Five Easy Roof Repairs in Thousand Oaks, CA to Minimize and Eliminate Leaks

Water and your home don’t mix, which is why at the first sign of a roof leak it’s important to call a professional to come and inspect the problem, to determine the depth of damage and the potential solution to stopping the leak.

Usually, roofing leaks can be traced back to a few common issues, which means quicker fixes and lasting results for homeowners. The reason for this revolves around the design of your roof: there are certain areas that are more susceptible to water damage and leaks than others. There are also common conditions that arise that give way to leaks.

Let’s take a look at a few common concerns and the types of roof repair in Thousand Oaks, CA that can solve them:

  1. Missing shingles are going to be a major source of roof leaks and, thankfully, they’re an easy problem to resolve if tackled quickly. New shingles can be laid in areas where older shingles have been torn off by wind or eroded away. In some cases you might need to have a larger section replaced if water damage has infected the sub-roofing.
  2. If you have a chimney, the masonry around the chimney might need to be repaired if water is getting into it. Water running into a chimney can seep down each level of your home, causing massive damage considerations as it flows. In other cases, chimney caps may need to be replaced to keep water out.
  3. Flashings protect any areas of your roof where there’s an installation or hard edge. Flashings can rust over time however, leading them to become ineffective at keeping water at bay. Replacing flashing can be a simple fix to protecting your roof around windows, vents or other installations that may be compromised by water damage.
  4. Where your roof meets your gutters there’s something called a drip edge… or at least there should be! If your roof doesn’t have a drip edge it could be operating at a hindered efficiency. A drip edge is critical to your watershed system and helps to channel runoff into your gutters, instead of it hugging your soffits and running into your sub-roofing.
  5. In severe cases, re-sloping part of your roof may be the most effective form of roof repair in Thousand Oaks, CA. Poorly designed slopes on roofing can result in pooling water or water that’s left standing in valleys of your roof, which will ultimately lead to leaks and massive water damage. This can be cheaper than a new roof, which is what you might be looking at if you’re on the tail end of extensive water damage!

Uncovering leaks in your roofing is never something you want to find as a homeowner, but it’s important to know that a leak doesn’t mean your entire roof is bad. Many times, a specific fix can be administered to help you breathe easy again! Consult with a roofing contractor today about your prospects for roof repair in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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