Proper Roof Maintenance in Thousand Oaks for Your Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is unlike many other roofing materials for a number of reasons, but perhaps its most alluring feature is its ability to withstand the elements for decades, giving homeowners an investment that they can clearly see in action over the years. Whether it’s high winds or heavy rains, tile roofing will outlast many other roofing materials in a landslide—if it’s properly maintained, of course.

Improper maintenance of a tile roof can do more than just decrease its life expectancy dramatically—it can also deteriorate the look of the tile and indeed the protection of this crucial home element. Take a look at a few tidbits of information that you may not have known when it comes to tile roof maintenance in Thousand Oaks:

Power washing is bad: Tile roofing is highly resilient and because it’s so sturdy, many people and even professional services choose to power wash it if it looks a little lackluster. What you probably didn’t know, however, is that power washing your tile roofing actually strips off protective sealants and other glazes that are used to protect your home from the elements. Stripping off these layers with a steady stream of high-powered water will only weaken your tiles, giving weathering elements a free shot at the tile composition itself!

Chemicals can wear it down: If you can’t power wash your tile roof, it only makes sense to chemically treat it, right? Wrong! Chemical treatments can have just as much of an adverse effect on tile roofs because they actually interact with the tiles themselves, causing decay or worse, alterations to the already applied treatments. If this happens, you’re likely to see a sharp decline in your tile’s ability to keep out water and withstand intense sunlight and heat. Again, chemical treatments may wear your roof down faster, especially several applications over time.

Glazing works wonders: By this point in our list, you’re probably at a loss for how to perform responsible roof maintenance in Thousand Oaks. Don’t worry—finding a professional service to re-glaze your roof will serve to be a responsible choice in maintaining it for the long haul. Re-glazing a roof means treating the tiles with a formula that they’re already coated with. The best part, aside from simply restoring protectiveness to your roof, is that tile glazes can also be customized, giving you the power to pick a new color or sheen! If your tiles are looking faded or have lost some of the shine that you were once proud to show off, this glaze will give you the best of both worlds!

Repairs for the long haul: If you take care of your tile roof appropriately and don’t let it fall into disrepair, there’s a good chance that your tile roof will last longer than the home it sits atop! Tile roofing is one of the most prolific investments that a homeowner can make because on top of its superior composition and tremendous resistance to damage, the services needed to maintain one of these roofs are few and far between—just remember to always address them when they come up!

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