December 19, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:25:21

"I can tell you right now that you won't find a better roofing company in the area. I know, I own a home as well as two rental properties, so I've used all sorts of different companies and Conejo Valley Roofing is the best. These guys go out of their way to be both helpful and accommodating to their clients. I have used them twice now, and I've already decided they are the only company I will use. Whether you need a repair or a replacement, this company does a great job handling it. Not only are their guys highly skilled, but they are super respectful as well. You really can't ask for more."
December 18, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:25:11

"I reached out to them and was able to book an appointment for a consultation quickly. They were very responsive and helpful. The inspection I received was very thorough and they gave me a clear proposal for the work I needed done. They were pretty major repairs but this company is highly experienced and got everything handled in a matter of hours. If I ever need help with my roof again I know who to call. These are true professionals."
December 17, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:24:50

"This company pulled up my old roof and replaced it with a new one. We found them because they did some work on a house in our neighborhood and after looking them up online and seeing their positive reviews we decided to hire them. They were very cost effective and did great work. The clean up was perfect as well. They even went over the grounds with a magnet to make sure there were no nails left behind. I have kids so this was definitely appreciated. They couldn’t have done a better job in my opinion. I had a great experience overall."
December 16, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:24:40

"I was amazed that this company managed to finish my roof in just one day. These guys weren’t just skilled but they were quiet. I work from home and the fact that they were able to take care of everything with minimal noise was fantastic. The roof looks so great. I’m very happy with their work. I also wanted to mention their office staff. They were always super easy to get a hold of and answered all of my questions. This is a great company, very professional."
December 15, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:24:34

"We had our roof replaced by Conejo Valley Roofing. Their quote was really well priced. It fit perfectly within our budget. The job was finished very quickly. They couldn’t have been more professional. Since having the new roof placed we haven’t had any issues. It looks beautiful and I know that it will last us a very long time. If you’re looking for a quality roofer I would highly recommend this company. They really did an amazing job."