July 10, 2022

2023-05-11 | 22:36:15

"A huge thank you to Conejo Valley Roofing. The entire crew did exceptional work for us. I can't say enough good things about this company. I am truly so grateful for their help. They finished my whole roof replacement on schedule and even cleaned up everything when they were finished. It was truly an outstanding job. They went above and beyond my expectations. I am so thankful for their help. It was truly a gift. Conejo Valley Roofing is the very best roofing company in the area. They are so honest, and I highly recommend using them for your roofing needs."
July 8, 2022

2023-05-11 | 22:36:18

"Conejo Valley Roofing is really the best roofing company I have ever had any experience with. They are absolute experts at the work they do. I couldn't believe how quickly they were able to get my damaged roof repaired. I was truly amazed. My roof was both safe and looking great again in no time at all. If you need roofers that can get a job done fast and really care about their customers this is definitely the company to go with. I can't say thank you enough."
April 24, 2022

2022-06-23 | 21:29:09

April 6, 2022

2022-06-23 | 21:29:05

"They go out of the way to make sure the job is done right. Affordable. They repaired all of the shoddy work done by the termite remediation company. Quality work done in a timely manner."
January 23, 2022

2022-06-23 | 21:28:46

"I recently had a brand new roof installed by Conejo Valley Roofing. I couldn’t be more pleased with their work. They know so much about the work they do and can answer any question you have. I didn’t have any experience with these guys before hiring them but now after this experience I can happily say they are the only roofing company I will use. I’m so glad I decided to hire them. They also charged very fair prices. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to give them a try."