September 26, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:45

"The whole process was great. They consultation, installation, and follow up afterwards all deserve an A+. This company was so responsive to our needs and their crew was respectful and highly skilled. I'm really glad I put my trust in them. My roof has never looked better and they got everything finished in the time frame we were promised. This is absolutely the best experience that I could have had."
September 25, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:40

"If you've ever needed a roof replacement you know that it can be confusing. There's a lot that goes into such a big project and finding that right contractor for the job it just half the battle. I thought I would go ahead and help out anyone out there who was looking for a great roofing contractor and mention that Conejo Valley Roofing is amazing. They are so trustworthy and they really stand by their work. I had them replace my entire roof about 6 months ago. They were wonderful through the whole process and more importantly their work has held up beautifully. I am so happy with the work they provided us with and so if you need work done on your roof this is the company you want to go with."
September 25, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:28

"I strongly recommend Conejo Valley Roofing if you are planning to have a roofing repair or replacement done. We started to notice that we had shingles missing from our roof and suspected there might be a problem. These guys came right out and gave us a thorough inspection. They were able to explain to us very clearly what the issue was and what it would take to fix it. I found the to be very professonal and honest and so I went ahead and hired them for the job. They were hard working and able to resolve the issue in just one day. They did great work! I am so happy I decided to go with them."
September 24, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:12

"I had my roof replaced by Conejo Valley Roofing in August of this year. It looks so amazing and the only regret that I have is that I didn't write a review for them sooner. They definitely earned one. The installers that worked on my house were so great. They made sure that everything was done correctly and that we were happy with the way things were progressing. They also cleaned up after themsevles, not only at the end of the project but every evening when they finished working they would make sure that things were safely out of the way. If you need any kind of roofing work done, I highly recommend Conejo Valley Roofing. You won't find a more professional or skilled crew."
September 24, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:08

"I don't know if a perfect roofing experience exists but if it does this company did as close to a perfect job as possible. They installed a brand new roof on our home and the skill and attention to detail that they put in was just extrodinary. I don't write a lot of reviews because I would say that I'm hard to impress but this company definitely impressed me. They were so hard working and made sure that they kept things safe for my kids and pets during and after the work. I just want to thank them for making the whole process so easy and for doing such a beautiful job. I would highly recommend Conejo Valley Roofing to anyone."