October 6, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:59

"Conejo Valley Roofing was so helpful last week. I called them to get a quote for my repair. They showed up quickly and along with offering me a great price they also gave me a lot of really useful advice. They started work on the roof and got the whole thing repaired in just a couple of days. I was very impressed. I definitely recommend using them and will use them again if I ever have a need."
September 27, 2021

2024-06-22 | 03:05:04

"I needed a pretty minor roofing repair (thankfully) but, I still wanted to make sure that the company I was hiring for the job was one that I could trust. The last thing that I wanted was to end up with a subpar job. I considered several companies and accepted several bids before ultimately going with Conejo Valley Roofing. They truly impressed me both with their skill and their customer service. My repair was done quickly and effiicently and now several months later it is still holding up. No matter what your roofing needs are, I would highly recommend reaching out to Conejo Valley Roofing."
September 27, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:53

"I couldn't believe it when I found out that I needed my whole roof replaced. I hired Conejo Valley Roofing oriningally because I wanted a second opinion after having another company do my initial inspection. They came out and gave me very clear information and while their price was a little hire than the first company I spoke with I just really got the sense that these guys would do the better job. I'm glad that I was right about that. It took about a week from start to finish to get my roof installed but through that week I found this company to be reliable, honest, and very hard working. In the end, my roof looks incredible. I have no compalints about my expereince. I would be happy to hire them again."
September 26, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:45

"The whole process was great. They consultation, installation, and follow up afterwards all deserve an A+. This company was so responsive to our needs and their crew was respectful and highly skilled. I'm really glad I put my trust in them. My roof has never looked better and they got everything finished in the time frame we were promised. This is absolutely the best experience that I could have had."
September 25, 2021

2022-06-23 | 21:18:40

"If you've ever needed a roof replacement you know that it can be confusing. There's a lot that goes into such a big project and finding that right contractor for the job it just half the battle. I thought I would go ahead and help out anyone out there who was looking for a great roofing contractor and mention that Conejo Valley Roofing is amazing. They are so trustworthy and they really stand by their work. I had them replace my entire roof about 6 months ago. They were wonderful through the whole process and more importantly their work has held up beautifully. I am so happy with the work they provided us with and so if you need work done on your roof this is the company you want to go with."