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Options for Re-Roofing in Thousand Oaks, CA

If your roof is showing signs of wear or worse, has begun to cause you real trouble due to intensifying problems, it could be time to think about re-roofing in Thousand Oaks, CA. Your roof will generally last you between 15-20 years depending on the materials, however if you’ve never had the roof serviced on […]

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Typical Roof Maintenance in Thousand Oaks, CA

Under the California sun it’s easy for your roof to suffer damage over time. Between the constant bombardment of UV rays on roofing materials and the storm damage that violent weather can bring with it, roofs take on serious damage, especially if they’re left without reprieve. When the weather is calm and you’re thinking about […]

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Is It Time For A Re-Roofing in Thousand Oaks?

Let’s be honest, no matter what type of home you live in, your roof is going to take a beating year after year. Between the hot sun and the hard rain, it’s hard to imagine roofs standing tough as long as they do. In all reality, a good roofing job, done by professionals and comprised […]

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