Simple Roof Maintenance in Agoura Hills, CA will Prevent Costly Leaks

Once again the rainy season is upon us and during this short stretch of months, even sunny California can become home to some pretty violent storms. For homeowners in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Simi Valley, Camarillo and Malibu, storm season can do more than just ruin your plans for a day at the beach—it can cost you thousands of dollars in unchecked roofing damages!

While a single storm might cause your roof a little bit of grief, years of unchecked damage and barrage after barrage of rainstorms can actually create unseen problems that quietly and quickly destroy your roof, as well as its supporting foundations. In no time at all, your roof can go from looking perfectly normal and functional, to distraught and damaged, costing thousands to repair and replace.

How do you prevent these types of damages? The answer is always going to lead back to regular and thorough roof maintenance in Agoura Hills, CA. Take a look at a few of the simple steps you
can take to making sure your roof isn’t bearing the brunt of storms that will slowly wear away at its resilience:

  • Have your roof inspected before storm season goes into full swing. The start of the summer month is the optimal time to have it inspected, but any time is really ideal before the winds pick up and the rain starts to fall. A thorough inspection annually will give you an up to date report about the status of your roof and what needs to be done to maintain it.
  • If your roof is a shingle roof, have damaged or missing sections of shingles replaced. If you have a tile roof, have cracked or damaged tiles taken care of immediately. If you have any other type of roof, identify damaged areas and have them repaired, to ensure water isn’t allowed to penetrate your roof’s protective barrier.
  • Check that your gutters and downspouts are in correct working order and that they’re free of debris. Water backups onto your roof as the result of obstructed gutters is something you can ill afford and nothing will cause water damage faster than pooling water.
  • Make sure your flashings are in good shape and secure—especially around things like chimneys where water can quickly and quietly infiltrate your roof. Also, be sure to replace any rusted or damaged flashings appropriately.

All of the above and more will do two things: they’ll keep your roof in a cohesive, functional state and they’ll serve to mitigate the opportunities water has to enter your home.

From causing saturated water damage to wood, to inciting mold and mildew growth, there’s no end to the damages that water can have when it sneaks by your roof. Don’t give moisture the
chance—especially not during the rainy season: have your roof inspected and repaired by a Conejo Valley Roofing contractor today and know that you’re protected against everything
Mother nature has to throw your way this summer.

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