How is the Weather Affecting Your Roof Shingles in Thousand Oaks, CA?

Your roof stands tall through all four seasons; winter, summer, spring and fall. Over time, the elements assault your roof and wear down the construction. Maintaining the roof is an important part of keeping up the value of your home because the roof shapes heating costs, resists big rainfalls and is one of the most important structural components of your home.

It’s not just the obvious culprits and big disasters that can damage your roof, however. When you’re looking for roof shingles in Thousand Oaks, CA, be aware of how the weather breaks down your roof in different ways!


Rain is the biggest single threat to a home’s roof. Water runs down the roof and into gutters, however the movement of the water wears down the surface of the shingles and can seep inside the house. Once water gets inside, it starts causing expensive damage to the internal structure of the home. Shingles erode naturally over years because of their contact with water through rain and snow. Heavier weather incidents that cause gutters or downspouts to back up on the roof also let water in to cause extensive damage to unprepared areas.


Winds cause damage to roofs throughout the year. Shingles get pulled off during high winds and heavy storms. And, even when the shingles aren’t blown clear, they can shift and drastically lose their protection value. Misaligned shingles direct water and other weather to improper channels. Whenever water goes some place where it’s not wanted in a house, it often causes trouble that only a professional can really fix. After a windy day or a bad storm, take some time to inspect your roof and make sure all the shingles are still on straight. Wind damaged shingles are a precursor to further damage.


Inclement weather isn’t the only danger to your roof! The sun beats down on hot days and wears away at shingle protection. Heat dries out shingles, causing them to crack and flake and shingles suffering from this type of damage no longer effectively protect your roof. This damage can be the most troubling, since the only way to detect it is an up close and personal inspection. Cracks and flaking require an expert eye to see the true extent of any damage. Trained roofers are the best choice to perform this kind of maintenance.

Homeowners aware of the threat the elements possess to their homes can take steps to prevent and repair any damage caused. Knowing that rain, wind and the sun are top causes of roof damage expands awareness of both the problem and the solution.

As soon as weather damage is detected, take steps to repair it. The repair may be simple or complex, but you save money in the long run the faster you patch up your roof. The longer you wait, the more costly the repairs will be down the line. Roof damage can be easily repaired by finding a trusted provider of roof shingles in Thousand Oaks, CA and a professional to do the work of replacing them for you.

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