Why You Keep Needing Roof Repair in Simi Valley, CA

As a roofer in Thousand Oaks, CA that also services Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, Camarillo and Malibu, we run into repeat roof repair customers. Some people put off re-roofing as long as possible, and others just seem to have that roof repair bug. These are the patterns we find with people who require frequent roof repair. Fortunately, most of these are preventable:

  • Weather events: Unlike other causes listed here, this one is unavoidable. New roofs and durable older ones alike get damaged by weather as much as those in poor repair. To prevent becoming the victim of a wind storm or that rare heavy rain, keep trees trimmed and repair roofs as soon as you notice any damage. Also maintain your homeowner’s policy, since many of these Acts of God could be covered. The sooner you notice these issues and deal with them, the less chance you will have of developing wet rot or other serious problems.
  • Attic condensation: If you have an older house that has not been updated for a while, you may not have good roof ventilation. This traps moist air and not only creates the impression of leaking, but also contributes to mold growth. Since you likely want to preserve structural integrity and air quality, contact your roofer to install a venting system and fans. That will allow the air to circulate and prevent the excess condensation that leads to unpleasant impacts.
  • Clogged gutters: No one likes cleaning their gutters. It is an unpleasant chore that takes a long time. But if you do not maintain them, your roof can develop weak areas where you will eventually suffer a leak. Gutters divert water from your roof so it does not accumulate into water pools. If there is water buildup, it will deteriorate your roof and one day (or night), you will hear the drip-drip of a roof leak. Suffer the gutter cleaning as a part of preventative maintenance that makes your life much more pleasant.
  • Flashing damage: Flashing is the metal pieces installed under shingles and roof joints. It acts as another layer to protect your roof from rain and humidity. If it cracks due to weather or neglect, it allows water into your home because there is no seal to keep it out. This frequently arises when you are missing shingles or roof tiles get cracked. Consider this a reminder that these instances are not just cosmetic failures. They are also structural problems that require immediate attention.
  • Overdue replacement: We have all done this. Rather than invest in that expensive and involved project, we find ways to put it off as long as possible. This happens with roof replacement, too, and people will often keep funding repairs as a way to delay investing in a new roof. At first, this offers a great short-term solution until you can gather funds, but eventually, it will quit working. At some point, admit that enough is enough and arrange for that roof replacement.

For roof installation or roof repair in Thousand Oaks, CA, contact Conejo Valley Roofing. We serve the Agoura Hills, Simi Valley, Camarillo and Malibu areas as well, and look forward to your request for an estimate.

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