When is it Time to Re-Roof Your Home?

Say the word “re-roofing” to any homeowner and watch them unconsciously guard their wallet—it’s a word that can come with a lot of trepidation. Most homeowners reluctantly realize the need for a new roof only after the worst has happened; suggesting re-roofing as a preemptive service isn’t going to have the calming effect that you might think. But, as hard a truth as it might be to swallow, re-roofing as a proactive repair can actually be a huge source of relief.

If you’re someone that sees the inherent value in re-roofing in Agoura Hills, CA, you’re probably wondering when the right time to go about doing it is. You don’t want to re-roof too early and waste the remaining potential of your existing installation, however you also don’t want to push the bill too far and have something major happen before you have a chance to act. The timeline is a very delicate one.

Luckily, there are some telltale signs as to when you might want to start considering re-roofing in Camarillo, CA. These are signs that are hard to ignore and which can help you to justify the cost of re-roofing if you’re someone who has a hard time parting with the funds before you’re forced to address a roofing emergency:

  • Sagging or drooping on the roof deck itself is a good sign that things are about to get much worse for your roof if not addressed. Generally, this issue is the result of long-term water damage that has gone unchecked, but it can set on quickly, making it important to address immediately.
  • Dark spots and discoloration mean that patches of your roofing have already fallen prey to the elements and are putting strain on the surrounding components to continue functioning at the high level you expect them to. Moreover, if these spots are the result of water damage, they could be leaving the door open for mold growth!
  • Broken tiles, damaged shingles or blemishes to the façade of your roof are all signs that your roof is seeing more abuse than it can handle at this stage of the installation. Depending on your roofing material, it’s important to look for unique damages that signal the failure of that material to continue delivering protection.
  • General damage that’s noticeable enough to the naked eye generally means that there is more damage that’s unseen, which can be prolific. If you can see visible damage, your roof is due for attention before those problematic areas turn into failures.

It’s a good idea to start inspecting your roof annually as soon as it hits the five year mark, with harsher scrutiny involved as the age of the roof climbs. After about ten years, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional about any recurring problems or any issues that may pertain to the items listed above and whether or not a re-roofing in Malibu, CA might be in order.

Remember, a re-roofing is different from a brand new roof and could end up costing you far less than an all-out roof replacement. Trying to save a few bucks and ignoring roofing issues, however, could put you on the path to a full roofing replacement—a prospect that will hurt your wallet far more than a proactive re-roofing in Simi Valley.

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