Choosing Between Re-Roofing and New Roof Installation in Thousand Oaks, CA

A roof in poor condition is a major liability for homeowners. Not only does it decrease home value and appear unsightly, a damaged roof is likely to lead to further home damage, especially if water is able to enter into your attic.

It is important to recognize the signs of a damaged roof and to take action immediately in order to resolve the problem. If your roof is in poor condition, you are most likely going to have to choose between re-roofing and new roof installation in Thousand Oaks, CA. Read on to learn more about which might benefit you more.

There are many types of roof work. The most common are roof repair, re-roofing and full roof replacement. Roof repair addresses small problems, often the result of a big storm or a large branch falling onto a roof. But when addressing a roof in really poor condition, the only options to consider are re-roofing and roof replacement. Re-roofing is basically adding a new roof over the old one, which can save money in certain situations. A new roof, meanwhile, involves complete replacement, which might cost more, but also ensures every part of the roof is in brand new condition.

There are pros and cons to each approach. Several factors can help you determine the best option for your particular circumstances.

Understanding your options

Simply put, the most important consideration is the condition of everything underneath the actual roof. Roofs are composed of more than just what you can visibly see. Underneath the asphalt shingles, or whatever roofing material you currently have, is framing and other hardware that helps support the actual roof. Typically this part of a roof lasts longer than the exposed part, but over time, it can still become damaged. New roof installation in Thousand Oaks, CA is necessary if there are any problems with the underside of the roof, since re-roofing typically will not address these problems.

Another factor is the material from which your existing roof is made. If you have asphalt shingles, it’s easier to re-roof than it is if you have metal roofing. Depending on the material your roof is made out of, it might cost you less overall to replace the roof than to re-roof just a portion of it. It is important to receive a price quote for both re-roofing and full replacement. At the same time, if you are looking to switch roofing material, then take this opportunity to get a completely new roof with the material of your choice.

A final point to remember is that your roof has possibly been re-roofed before. If this is the case, adding another layer may not be practical or safe. Legal requirements and technical practicalities make re-roofing impossible once too many layers are added, leaving full replacement as the only option.

Any solution to your roofing problems begins with a full inspection and price quote from a reliable roofing company. You can count on your local roofing experts, Conejo Valley Roofing, to help determine whether re-roofing or new roof installation in Thousand Oaks, CA is right for you. Call us today to learn more.

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