Roof Repair vs. Roof Installation in Thousand Oaks, CA: Which Do You Need?

There comes a time when you will need to decide between repair or roof replacement in Thousand Oaks, CA. Most likely you do not have to make this decision simply because of one or two small problems with your roof, like a few damaged shingles or some loose flashing. Instead, your roof has probably gotten to a certain age and has had enough issues that you need to seriously consider whether it makes more financial sense to replace it, or whether to continue making repairs.

Your best bet is to have a few roofing companies conduct inspections and provide their professional recommendations. Here are some of the things they will look for.

The Inspection

A full inspection of your roof will include both the interior and exterior. There are certain clues that will help indicate whether the roof is worth repairing, or if you simply need new roof installation in Thousand Oaks, CA.

One is roof deck sagging. This is a sure sign that your roof is not doing its job. Roof deck sagging is a cue that your home has experienced long-term water damage and needs professional attention. Also important are signs of water damage or leaking. Water damage can exist on the ceiling, along the walls or in the insulation of your attic.

Cracked, torn, bald or missing shingles are other signs that the roof is in obvious disrepair. The extent of missing or damaged shingles, and damaged flashing, will help indicate whether repair or replacement is more cost effective. Also look for signs of moisture, mold or rot. These may include soft spots in the roof or discoloration under missing or damaged shingles. You want to be careful when doing this kind of inspection because the damage caused by missing or destroyed shingles may not be limited to the area of the roof exposed to the elements.

Making the Decision

Consider all of the factors may influence your final decision. Think about cost, efficiency and the age of the roof, and take the recommendations from the professionals seriously. Sometimes, roof replacement cost can be more economical in the long run. Compare price quotes on repairs to price quotes on replacement—ultimately this is a good way to make the final decision.

Also consider your current budget for home improvements and if you can get any deals on new roof installation in Thousand Oaks, CA. No matter what the price, avoid simply doing nothing. Ignoring your roofing problems can lead to other home damage. Ultimately, you will still need to replace the roof, and most likely repair other parts of your home as well.

Rely on a trusted roofing company in your area to help with your initial roof inspection and to provide price quotes for repair or replacement. Choose a local company with plenty of experience in roofing, and if you decide to replace, allow them to guide you through the process of choosing a new roof. Consider Conejo Valley Roofing for your roofing repair or replacement.

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